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For the 2019-20-21 seasons, the Debussy String Quartet offers you its best programmes as well as many new projects, continuing in a tradition of discovery and renewal. For almost 30 years the Quartet has brought its creations to audiences throughout the world.  The Quartet’s regular tours have allowed it to become a familiar name to music lovers throughout the world.

What’s new for 2019/2020/2021?

– Renowned as a precursor in bringing together a variety of artistic genres (circus, dance, theater …), these next seasons will find the Quartet associated with several companies and artists: four musicians on the move, far from their traditional chairs and music stands!

– Two new creations interpreted entirely by heart, conceived at the boundaries between a concert and a show, will allow the musicians to transform the fundamental format of the string quartet. This is an exciting project that opens the path to a new way of presenting music, combining the pleasure of listening with brilliant visual effects.

– As of the end of 2017, the new home of the Debussy String Quartet has given the musicians the opportunity to create a unique venue in France, dedicated to the art of the string quartet, with resources (teaching, meetings, artistic presentations and mediation) which are available to all.

– The musicians continue to be active in transmission and sharing through numerous daily cultural and artistic outreach projects.

– The international tours continue: after many concerts in Europe, Japan and Australia, in 2017 the musicians will continue to perform for audiences around the world with new tours in the coming years.

-2017 marked the release of two new recordings, adding to more than 30 recordings to their credit. The new CDs include a recording dedicated to the quartets of American composer Marc Mellits (Evidence Classics) as well as the release of the soundtrack for the show Boxe Boxe Brasil. In 2018, the Debussy String Quartet will prepare the release of a CD in tribute to Claude Debussy, along with many guests!

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