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What’s new for 2017/2018/2019?

Boxe Boxe Brasil, the 2017 event: Following the worldwide success of Boxe Boxe, with choreography by Mourad Merzouki, the Compagnie Käfig and the Debussy string quartet, the artists will renew their collaboration in January 2017 with Boxe Boxe Brasil: this new production, which is much more than a simple sequel, will unite the Debussy string quartet and 9 Brazilian dancers.

Tribute to Debussy : For the Centenary of the death of Claude Debussy, the Quatuor will present a “Tribute to Debussy” in 2018 in honor of the composer.

A new disc : 2016 marked the release of Chostakovitch, the soundtrack of the Opus show and Filigrane, a surprising encounter between jazz and classical music. In 2017, a new recording devoted to the quartets of Marc Mellits will complete the discography of the Debussy string quartet which now includes more than 30 references.


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