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What’s new for 2016/2017/2018?

A head filled with projects: The Quartet offers new programs: a « All by heart, from the very start! » built with his stage experience, a new series « Guest stars » with the beautiful soprano voice of Karine Deshayes or poetic eclecticism of Gabriel Kahane in a « New York Music » program.

A la carte quartet menu: Althought the previous brochure are still available for programming, the Debussy Quartet has almost entirely renewed suggestions for future seasons, while remaining relatively similar themes. For example, Mozart’s Requiem is now available echoing Requiem for Fanny of Mendelssohn Opus 80. Also, the great opera arias are presented in a program « Operatic Enchantment » not to mention the French music in the theme « Impressions in the Setting Sun »

Opus 2, the 2016 event: After the full US tour Opus success with the company CIRCA, an even more intimate version – Opus 2 – will be presented in France in May 2016 and on tour in 2017.



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