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Boxe Boxe


Cie Käfig – Mourad Merzouki and Debussy string Quartet
Piece for 8 dancers et 4 musicians
Created in September of 2010, at the Biennial Dance Festival of Lyon (Fr.)


A hip-hop company and a string quartet, unimaginable?

Need we present Box Box again after more than 200 performances? Over 10 countries and almost 100 cities have hosted this gem of enthusiasm, poetry, humour and creativity which mixes hip-hop dancing and a string quartet. In the ring, the dancers touch and clash with brilliant moves to the music of Ravel, Verdi, Mendelssohn, Schubert or even Glass and Górecki. At the end of this knockout performance, no one goes down… On the contrary!


Press Review

« Awesome! An enchanting evening that magically whizzed by! »
Maggie Constable, The Public Reviews, 26 March 2014


« Although designed for larger venues it’s an almost bijou piece of entertainment, and one that puts an essentially elegant, even high-art spin on its own neat blend of hip-hop moves and the body language of boxing »
Donald Hutera, The Times, 31 March 2014