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Farewell to the scores, it’s time for chiaroscuro!

The Debussy string quartet presents a concert in shadows and light, with silhouettes and strings in enigmatic backlighting: as they plunge into the repertoire of three great composers, their profound, passionate interpretations move progressively through the shadows into the light. This programme is performed completely by heart, without music stands or scores, allowing the musicians to once again leave the beaten tracks of a classical music performance. They live the works fully, far from the frozen image of a chamber music concert, in a setting that is marked by an intimate chiaroscuro. This aesthetic choice brings the audience closer to the music, giving listeners the opportunity to discover all its rich and sensitive facets.



The quartet has decided to honor the great composer for the centenary of his death (2018), accompanied by exceptional classical and jazz musicians!


with Marielle Nordmann (harp)
The Debussy string quartet and harpist Marielle Nordmann join together for the Debussy Centenary with a sublime programme of French music. In keeping with its musical engagement over the years, the Quartet pays a tribute to two close friends, André Caplet and Claude Debussy, whose numerous collaborations and mutual admiration were a inspiration to all.


with Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven (piano)
and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (double bass)
In 2016, an artistic residence in Marciac brought together the best of the artists’ eclectic repertoires resulting in the album Filigrane – Signature Collection – Radio-France, Harmonia Mundi. In this tribute to Debussy (and Ravel too!), the musicians of the quartet venture into audacious interpretations and J.P. Collard-Neven responds with his compositions, resulting in a unique chamber jazz sound. This is music that can convince classical music lovers that they can learn to love jazz, and jazz lovers that they will love listening to classical music.


Music and film, with the Debussy string quartet




For the Lumière brothers cinema was first and foremost about images. Music, volatile and versatile, would take silent films into a completely different dimension, to the magic moment when melodies and moving images are a perfect match. This eerie, chilling “Frightful Night” starts with The Musician, a short, animated film that tells the story of a night in an orphanage when the children meet the Musician, an ominous character from their nightmares. The evening continues with the cult expressionist classic Nosferatu, plunging us into a world of vampires, crumbling castles and haunting Transylvanian landscapes.