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Creation in 2017


With the ‘La Grande Fugue’ Theatre Company
Music: François-Bernard Mâche (State commission – World Première)
Christophe Crapez, tenor; Xavier Legasa, baritone; Paul-Alexandre Dubois, baritone
Staging: Alain Patiès
Co-production: Atelier lyrique de Tourcoing / Théâtre de Choisy le Roi / Cie La Grande Fugue

QaraQorum is a scenic project created by two artistic teams: La Grande Fugue (musical theater) and the Debussy Quartet. Its source is the fascinating work by composer Francois-Bernard Mâche inspired by Franciscan monk Guillaume de Rubrouck, his travels to Mongolia in 1255 and his thoughts on the notion of Otherness, through his discoveries of new peoples, languages, customs, music and beliefs. He was deeply moved and torn between the hope he found in the Evangel and a questioning of the Truth which he had believed to be absolute. QaraQorum offers an experience of theatre, music, history and philosophy and evokes questions of tolerance (both religious and cultural), secularism and the need to confront our prejudices with the notion of the Other. This theme is particularly well-adapted to the artistic project of La Grande Fugue and to the questions we are confronted with in our contemporary society.