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Season 2018-2019 : For open, lively and creative classical music !

Fort the 2018-2019 season, the Debussy String Quartet offers you its best programs as well as many projects, continuing in a tradition of discovery and renewal. For almost 30 years, the Quartet has brought its creations to audiences throughout the world. The quartet’s regular tours have allowed it to become a familiar name to music lovers throughout the world.

•  Renowned as a precursor in bringing together a variety of artistic genres (circus, dance, theater…), these season will find the Quartet associated with several companies and artists: four musicians on the move, far from their traditional chairs and music stands!

•  Two creations interpreted entirely by heart, conceived at the boundaries between a concert and a show, will allow the musicians to transform the fundamental format of the string quartet. This is an exciting project that opens the path to a new way of presenting music, combining the pleasure of listening with brilliant visual effects.

•  The home of the Debussy String Quartet in Lyon (France) has given the musicians the opportunity to create a unique venue in France, dedicated to the art of the string quartet, with resources (teaching, meetings, artistic presentations and mediation) which are available to all.

•  The musicians continue to be active in transmission and sharing through numerous daily cultural and artistic outreach projects.

•  The international tours continue: after many concerts in Europe, United States, Japan and Australia in the past, the musicians will continue to perform for audiences around the world with new tours in the year : Canada, Mexico, Germany, England, Japan…

•  In 2018, the Debussy String Quartet has released a CD in tribute to Claude Debussy, along with many guests : « Debussy… and Jazz ». A tour is ongoing.