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Complete work

Beethoven Passion

The Debussy string quartet is well-known for accepting great challenges. Following the success of the first three acts, the musicians would now like to present Act IV!



Shostakovich String Quartets



From 1998 to 2005, the Debussy String Quartet held its bet to record fifteen quartets of Shostakovich, a real monument of music.  Facing the famous Slavic formations, the Quartet is distinguished by a round and readable interpretation, intimate and magical. It’s a composer who you can’t stop rediscover and his complete quartets are regularly proposed in concert by the musicians of the Quatuor Debussy.



Bartok String Quartets

An Imaginative Folklore

After the Complete string quartets of Shostakovich and the complete works of Webern, this is the new masterpiece that the Debussy string Quartet has decided to focus its energies on!

These six string quartets are like transcriptions of Bartók’s Memoirs: composed between 1908 and 1939 they not only echo the development of the composer’s sensitivity and some intimate events in his life, but they also allude to 20th century European History.

Don’t hesitate to also ask for the Shostakovich’s complete string quartets and the Webern’s complete string quartets!



Webern String Quartets



Webern’s integral quartet is a dear project to the Debussy String Quartet. It was recorded for Harmonia Mundi / Radio-France.
« Here is a sensible chamber ensemble, with a generous breath and an ample sound, whose freshness betrays a real emotion. […] For the first time, the Webern’s melodism is exposed. Structure becomes secondary, and the music which was behind these notes turn iridescent in all its glory. » Alain Fréron, Le Monde de la Musique, November 1998