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Let's jazz

_Bach to jazz !

Jazz project with the quartet and Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse

Création 2012-2013


Our rehearsals and our artistic residence together in Marciac have led to the emergence of a group with a totally new sound. Each member of the group takes what they do best in their own repertoire and uses it to revisit the quartets of Ravel and Debussy, along with J.S. Bach’s Concerto in F minor, a work in which improvisation reveals a wealth of underlying themes, challenging the listener to question what is written and what is not. These works are followed by pieces by J.P. Collard-Neven, composed for a subtle chamber-jazz formation that is sure to charm those who hesitate to plunge into the jazz repertoire or broaden the classical music horizons of those who live only for jazz.



Press Review


« This marvellous piano-doublebass duo flows from an alchemy of righteousness. Rarely has such cohesion been achieved, except by the great classical masters of the field: Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton, Bill Evans et Scott LaFaro. The play of parallels leads to a work of incomparable depth, born in an atmosphere of inner contemplation.”
– Le Soir Magazine


“…Whereas the playing of Collard-Neven is nothing but subtlety, the unswerving rhytmic basis and the heartwarming sound of Rassinfosse’s doublebass give it an incredibly reassuring almost physical presence. In a nutshell, one feels good when listening to this music, and that is something”


“They had recorded “Regency’s Nights” in the fall of 2006, here they are – the veteran jazzman and the classical defector- in a second even more atypical album, reaching farther afield into each musician’s core and relying all the more on friendship’s intuitions in order to create a common musical language.(…)
– La Libre Belgique


“The encounter between a doublebass jazz player and a classical pianist produces gems. This second harvest draws attention to Collard-Neven’s talent as a composer and tightens the duo’s bonds with its classical influences (…) Elegance, tenderness and smiles bring sparks into this intimate dialogue.”
– Le Soir

The Franck Tortiller Trio & Debussy Quartet

Franck Tortiller

Creation 2013

With Franck Tortiller
Patrice Héral, percussions
Yves Torchinsky, double bass

Franck Tortiller has conducted the National Jazz Orchestra since 2005 until 2008, with concerts in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the United States and Ireland.

He have received :
– 1st prize for soloist and 1st prize for orchestra, international competition at La Défense
– Django d’Or 2007 of the Spedidam Live Show
– Member of the Vienna Art Orchestra from 1993 to 2000, concerts in the United States, Europe, Asia

He is guest soloist with various orchestras (Pasdeloup Orchestra, Basel Symphony, Massy Orchestra, Aix en Provence Orchestra)

He is the guest soloist with Enzo Enzo, Sanseverino, Juliette Greco

He realizes concert tours in Austria, Germany and Italy with Christian Muthspeil, Gavino Murcia, Michel Godard, Michael Riesler, Mike Mainieri and David Samuel