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Grape(s) in Jazz

avec Quatuor Debussy, Franck Tortiller (vibraphone), Sylvain Luc (Guitar)

Behind each wine there is a story to tell: you need to find the right note, sharpen your palate, but also your strings! Harmony of soils, melodies, adjustment of blends, orchestrations … Beyond the traditional concert, discover new symphonies through the symbiosis of the vine and music. For this, the Debussy String Quartet has the great pleasure of inviting Sylvain Luc, genius of jazz guitar, considered one of the greatest musicians of his generation. In addition, the vibraphonist-composer, jazzman, Franck Tortiller, a long-time friend with whom he multiplies projects, each one more daring than the last, will be on stage. You will be invited to discover his compositions and then to meet over a glass of wine from a special vintage for which the “Cépage(s)” were composed… An evening inspired by the land of a globetrotter, hedonist and jack-of-all-trades, Raphaël Pommier, who combines his passion for wine with his overflowing creativity. To all lovers of good wines, this evening is made for you!


In partnership with La Cascade and Domaine Notre-Dame de Cousignac.
Backup location in case of bad weather: Indoor room of La Cascade

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