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The Debussy String Quartet, thirty years of music

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The Debussy String Quartet

Through its passionate commitment to speak in a unique voice, eschewing the creation of an international quartet sound, the Debussy String Quartet has established its reputation as one of the finest quartets touring and recording today. Formed in 1990 by a group of young musicians studying at the Conservatoire de Lyon, France, the quartet has gained international renown for its exciting performances and award-winning recordings. In major concert halls from New York to Tokyo they perform a wide range of works [...]

  • « The playing from the Debussy Quartet is highly persuasive. Using a range of subtle shades the players at last bring variance to frequent restatements, and overcome the absence of an organic link between movements. »

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
  • « The musicians walk in and around the action and at times sit blindfolded, sharing the danger and excitement of the frenetic tumbling frothing around them while continuing to play undisturbed. »

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
  • « Opus is cut-glass, caviar circus. It’s black tie and ballgown circus. And it’s an astonishing thing to watch: graceful, bombastic. Profound. »

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
  • « The combination of risk and physical wizardry seemed a perfect match for the music. As for the Debussy Quartet, their feat can hardly be overstated. »

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
  • The next dates

    Tuesday 1 December 2020
    à 20h00 Show Le Théâtre, Scène Nationale > Saint-Nazaire (44)

    Boxe Boxe Brasil

    Creation January 2017

    Date canceled

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