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  • « The playing from the Debussy Quartet is highly persuasive. Using a range of subtle shades the players at last bring variance to frequent restatements, and overcome the absence of an organic link between movements by creating an overall mood of youthful melancholy. »

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
  • « The musicians walk in and around the action and at times sit blindfolded, sharing the danger and excitement of the frenetic tumbling frothing around them while continuing to play undisturbed. »

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
  • « Opus is cut-glass, caviar circus. It’s black tie and ballgown circus. And it’s an astonishing thing to watch: graceful, bombastic. Profound. »

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
  • « The combination of risk and physical wizardry seemed a perfect match for the music. As for the Debussy Quartet, their feat can hardly be overstated. »

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
  • « [...] The musicians played the first part of the of the show without sheet music, and played the second part of the show wearing blindfolds as the acrobats continued to do flips and other extreme physical feats around them. One acrobat even entwined herself between a quartet member and his instrument. »

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
  • « After a good account of Haydn (d. 1809, obligatory and rightly so in his special year) which took a few minutes to settle, and had several passages for the lower players of particular interest, the rest of their hour was devoted to French rarities; the Wigmore Hall coffee concert audience is not easily daunted, and there was a large, very receptive crowd. »

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
  • « [...] the choice and meticulous timing of the music inject a touch of both romanticism and melancholy into scenes hovering like bubbles, light years away from the clichés of the bloody arena. »

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
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