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Supporting the Debussy String Quartet is associating your name or your company with a dynamic and creative project, which combines transmission and innovation, accessibility and artistic excellence, anchoring on the territory and international influence :


For an open, lively and creative classical music
• To promote artistic audacity, transmission and accessibility
 To defend a singular vision of culture, intimate and universal



Being a Debussy String Quartet’s partner allows your business to :


• Enhance its image through the quartet’s concerts all over France.
• Help us in our artistic projects and support our communication.
 Meet your clients at a concert that shall stay in everybody’s mind, and create a special bound with its guests to communicate.
• Get your staff into the mix during get-togethers and enrich human relations at the very heart of your company.



For Debussy String Quartet, acting with you means sharing ideas and perking up skills to carry out new projects.
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