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Debussy and JazzDebussy and Jazz

Preludes for a quartet

avec Jacky Terrasson (piano), Vincent Peirani (accordion), Franck Tortiller (vibraphone), Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven (piano), Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (bass)

— PEIRANI Vincent
"C" Influences (from Debussy's The Linen Girl)
Noon, C major (after Debussy's Alternate Thirds)
— DEBUSSY Claude
Footsteps on the snow, prelude transcribed for quartet (1910)
— COLLARD-NEVEN Jean-Philippe
In the shadow of the Cathedral… (after La Cathédrale Engloutie by Claude Debussy) (2018)
— DEBUSSY Claude
Minstrels, prelude transcribed for quartet (1913)
Danza del vino (La puerta del vino by Debussy)
— DEBUSSY Claude
Bruyères, prelude transcribed for quartet (1912)
Bussi's Blues (2017)
— DEBUSSY Claude
The linen-haired girl, prelude transcribed for quartet (1910)

A unique tribute to Claude Debussy

A century after his death on March 25, 1918, the Debussy String Quartet wanted to pay tribute to Claude Debussy, magician of melody and timbre, great “colorist” and father of modern music. To do so, it invited many jazz artists to join it for an unprecedented concert tour and for the creation of a record, recorded by Harmonia Mundi (commercial release on August 24, 2018).


Recorded in early 2018, this program attempts to approach the work of the mythical French composer in a brand new way, rewritten and arranged by accordionist Vincent Peirani, pianist Jacky Terrasson, percussionist Franck Tortiller, and the Belgian duo Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven on piano and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse on double bass. The artists, coming from several musical cultures, took advantage of this time of creation to explore new sounds, resulting from an assimilation of Debussy’s rich past and uniting both writing and improvisation.

In the company of many jazz musicians

  • 1 - "C" Influences - Vincent Peirani (11'06)
  • 2 - Les Sixtièrces alternées - from Tierces alternées, Claude Debussy (2'44)
  • 3 - Midi, do majeur - Franck Tortiller (2'54)
  • 4 - Des pas sur la neige - Claude Debussy (3'56)
  • 5 - A l'ombre de la Cathédrale - Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven (13'19)
  • 6 - Minstrels - Claude Debussy (2'31)
  • 7 - Danza del vino - Franck Tortiller (10'05)
  • 8 - Bruyères - Claude Debussy (3'05)
  • 9 - Bussi's blues - Lionel Belmondo et Jacky Terrasson (13'57)
  • 10 - La fille aux cheveux de lin - Claude Debussy (2'44)
Quatuor Debussy Lyon

Total duration : 1’06′21

"The music of Claude Debussy, full of secret beauties, is in perfect harmony with the jazzman's gesture.
This meeting between a classical quartet and a few renowned improvisers once again proves it." Jazz Magazine

"The Quartet has invited four of the genre's leading players to perform Debussy's Preludes for piano [...], which, in this composer's case, are as rich as the which found in jazz." Telerama

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