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20 Jan 2023

#LaurentGaudé | #Slavery| #Poem

New video : The Song of the Seven Towers

New video : The Song of the Seven Towers

Powerful, poignant, and committed, The Song of the Seven Towers is a superb poem written about the slave trade and human beings, which summons the history of slavery and inscribes it in the present.

Capture & editing : Y-kwis


With The Debussy String Quartet,
Alain Aithnard and Nadine Demange.
Direction and set design Dominique Lardenois.
MusicPeteris Vasks, Henryk Gorecki, Osvaldo Golijov.


Production Lardenois et Cie.
Coproduction Quatuor Debussy, La Barcarolle – Scène Conventionnée de Saint-Omer (creation).
Welcome in residence by the Théâtre Antique d’Alba-la-Romaine (preview).

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