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Boxe Boxe Brasil

Creation January 2017

avec Compagnie Käfig (dance), Quatuor Debussy, Mourad Merzouki (choreographer)

— MORELENBAUM Jacques & PINTO Antonio
A Carta de Dora (Arrangement Thibault Lepri)
— VERDI Guiseppe
Luisa Miller (transcription by E. Muzio, 1851)
Quartet No. 4 Prometheus (2011)
Quartet No1 (1915)
— JOBIM Antônio Carlos
Manha de Carnaval
Un dia de noviembre
— DVORAK Antonín
Quartet N°12 in F major op. 96 American (1893)
— KENT Rolfe
Dexter Theme (Robin Melchior arrangement)
— AS'N
Flamenco (2010)
Chador, creation based on a theme by Astor Piazzolla (2018)

This new show is more than just a sequel to our worldwide success Boxe Boxe. Once again Mourad Merzouki, the Compagnie Käfig and the Debussy String Quartet pursue their collaboration, but with an entirely new work. Still at the crossroads of two universes, this time the artists head for the Americas! 9 Brazilian dancers will accompany them on the journey with new scores and a blend of genres and styles.

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