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Musical Muses

The digital concert as seen by the Debussy String Quartet

Creation 2021

avec Quatuor Debussy, David Gauchard (staging), Benjamin Massé (digital art)

— BORODINE Alexandre
Quartet n°2 (1880)
Quartet n°1 en mi mineur, Sonate à Kreutzer (1924)
— GORECKI Henryk
Quartet n°1, Already it is dusk (1988)
Quartet n°7 opus 108 in F sharp minor (1960)

What lies behind a masterpiece? Whether pictorial or musical, it is difficult for the artist to find inspiration without being able to identify the subtle and fragile figures which give birth to creation, nor to succeed in observing those muses without whom nothing would be possible. Accompanied by stage director David Gauchard, the Debussy String Quartet wished to question the form(s) of a work through the prism of a painter’s studio and through his muses, by installing the artist at the heart of a digital and organic stage setting. This brand-new project will appeal as much to the audience as to the quartet, as they observe the instruments being “drawn”…


Production Debussy String Quartet & Ulysse Maison d’Artistes. Coproduction La Rampe – La Ponatière, Théâtre des Franciscains & Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse.

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