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From Debussy to Kafka

Alliance between art and music


avec Quatuor Debussy

The Debussy String Quartet offers a musical discovery that links music to art. True to its identity, it will perform a program created especially for the Music’ly Festival, beginning with the composer Claude Debussy.


The Quartet opens the Festival by linking two events: Music’Ly and the Ninth Hors Normes Biennale, a contemporary art biennale. The musicians will propose a temporal journey to the present day. This concert will follow its thread from the impressionist era through Franz Kafka, who gave his title to the HNB, to our contemporary era. This performance will be punctuated by a succession of works projected behind the musicians. This year, the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Lyon and the Hors Normes Biennale are making their collections available to us to illustrate the concert.


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