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Intimate Requiems

avec Quatuor Debussy

— MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus
Requiem KV 626, quartet version by Peter LICHTENTHAL (1802)

The Requiem is a musical genre often associated with a certain gigantism, as evidenced by the representations we all have of the Requiems of Mozart, Fauré, Brahms and Verdi, where hundreds of choristers are sometimes joined by more than fifty instrumentalists. The Requiem has become, over the years, a total work of art, with the choirs being taken out of the churches and out of their performance for the sole purpose of funerals. But then, what is the Debussy String Quartet doing in this field?


The Debussy String Quartet will make a synthesis between power and contemplation: on the one hand, with a transcription for string quartet of Mozart’s famous Requiem, which they made famous in 2006 with a successful recording and a major tour around the world; on the other hand, with Shostakovich’s Elegy and the autobiographical Quartet No. 8, which draws all the strength of its identity from an intimate and personal requiem.

"A captivating reappropriation of the Requiem, concentrated and
synthesized in the texture of the classical quartet".

"The celebrity themes of this score found their very essence with the sumptuous strings and cohesion of the Debussy String Quartet"
Nice Matin

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