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Jazz in 5 voices

A broth of cultures!


avec Quatuor Debussy, Line Kruse (violin)

Following a first encounter in 2023 during the Festival Cordes en ballade, Line Kruse and the Quatuor Debussy plan to pool their knowledge of chamber music and jazz in Jazz in 5 voices. A graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Line Kruse quickly developed a strong tropism for the South American repertoire and jazz aesthetics, to the point of integrating perfectly into the Latino community in Paris when she moved there in the early 2000s. It was in this context that she took part in the Gotan Project, and her virtuosity and accuracy on the violin are breathtaking. After a few years conducting a number of ensembles of varying sizes, the Line Kruse Orchestra was born in 2017, and it’s jazz that’s in the spotlight. With a Latin music ascendancy, of course. Beautiful albums are born in a blend of classical, jazz and Latin music (listen to the tango “La Jalousie” from the Hidden Stone album).

This talented artist’s blend of cultures is bubbling over, which is why the Quatuor Debussy is keen to join forces with her multiple influences to discover new rhythms.

Extraits de presse

  • "Violinist Line Kruse loves king jazz as much as Latin American music."

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
  • "For twenty years, Line Kruse has played with Brazilian, Cuban, Colombian and Urugayan musicians."

    Quatuor Debussy Lyon
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