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Shadow Games

Goodbye music stands, make way for chiaroscuro!

Creation 2016

avec Quatuor Debussy

— BEETHOVEN Ludwig van
Quartet n°11 opus 95 (1810)
— RAVEL Maurice
Quartet in F major opus 35 (1903)
Elegy and polka for quartet (1931)
Quartet n°7 opus 108 in F sharp minor (1960)

The Debussy String Quartet presents a concert in shadows and light, with silhouettes and strings in enigmatic backlighting: as they plunge into the repertoire of three great composers, their profound, passionate interpretations move progressively through the shadows into the light. This programme is performed completely by heart, without music stands or scores, allowing the musicians to once again leave the beaten tracks of a classical music performance.


They live the works fully, far from the frozen image of a chamber music concert, in a setting that is marked by an intimate chiaroscuro. This aesthetic choice brings the audience closer to the music, giving listeners the opportunity to discover all its rich and sensitive facets.

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