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Keren Ann, Yael Naim & the Debussy String Quartet

A sparkling meeting


avec Yael Naim (voice, piano, guitar, percussion), Keren Ann (vocals, guitar, piano), Quatuor Debussy

— NAIM Yael & DONATIEN David
Music from their repertoire arranged for string quartet

For thirty years, the Debussy String Quartet has been multiplying its encounters with artists from all horizons. Inevitably, its path has crossed with two essential singers of the musical landscape, Keren Ann and Yael Naim, to whom it offers an incomparable setting.


Since the worldwide success of New Soul, Yael Naim and her alter ego David Donatien have expanded the walls of their musical project to include guests from all walks of life. But in 2020, Yael Naim chose to record her most personal opus alone: Nightsongs; some “night songs” that she chose to be reunited with the quartet from Lyon.


In eight albums and a twenty-year career, Keren Ann has combined in French and English her musical variations on love, the lack of love or too much love. From Jardin d’hiver, co-composed for Henri Salvador, to the recent Bleue, she has built an elegant and cosmopolitan repertoire, between folk and rock. Also the author of an opera and scores for dance and film, she has found in the Debussy String Quartet a perfect partner to revisit her impressive songbook.

When one of the most eminent French string quartets meets two songwriters who know all about classical music, magic happens. A concert in two parts, for twice the pleasure.

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