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The musical program of the show Face(s)

Preview 2020

avec Quatuor Debussy

— BORODINE Alexandre
Quartet n°2 (1880)
— GORECKI Henryk
Quartet n°1, Already it is dusk (1988)
Quartet n°1 en mi mineur, Sonate à Kreutzer (1924)

Discover the preview of the show Face(s) with its musical program!

"What's behind a masterpiece? Whether pictorial or musical, it is difficult for the artist to find inspiration without being able to put his finger on the figures, however subtle and fragile they may be, that give birth to creation, nor to succeed in observing these muses without whom nothing would be possible. "

This program offers us a plunge into the work of four Eastern European composers who, each in their own way, raise the mythological and contemporary figure of the Muse; women whose influences are so striking that they have inspired, fascinated and almost shaped the work and aesthetics of these four luminaries: Borodin, Shostakovich, Janácek and Gorecki. Through the original feelings of love, absence, jealousy and hatred, this show is constructed as an intimate journey, at the heart of the emotions. Borodine will take us into the passion of love; through an intimate musical thought of a work composed for his wife while returning from a long journey.

It is with Shostakovich that this program will make the pain of absence; his work written as “A Tomb to Nina” will bring us a dark atmosphere of macabre, of fatality… A journey to the heart of passions, led, drum beating, especially with the palette of emotions exposed by Janácek, from the amorous complaint to the scream. Composed as a reaction to Tolstoy’s short story, The Kreutzer Sonata, the composer depicts the horror of jealousy, a symbol of devastating marital passion. Finally, the choice to invoke Gorecki’s work is not without recalling, in fine, all the ambivalence of feelings that only human beings are capable of experiencing. The Debussy String Quartet  was then given the challenge of making all this emotional power navigable.

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