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Solidarity Concert

For the benefit of earthquake victims

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avec Quatuor Debussy, Compagnie Emilie Valantin (puppets)

Born from the initiative of the Debussy Quartet, deeply affected by the events of last November, this evening organised by the city of Le Teil and supported by the Community of Municipalities Ardèche Rhône Coiron, will be an opportunity to take part in the collection of the funds needed to rebuild the homes of this partially destroyed municipality. Entry to the concert will be free to participate: the entire proceeds will be used for the reconstruction of the school, the houses, the church, and all the structures directly or indirectly affected by the earthquake. We thank you in advance for spreading the information about this charity event as widely as possible to you. Hoping to be able to count on your presence, discover the detailed programme:


18H Screening of the film Cordes en ballade

Cinema Le Regain (3 Chateau Road, 07 400 Le Teil)
In advance of the concert, the Cordes en ballade team invites you to discover the film on the big screenDocumentary retracing the scenes of the Festival (directed by Olivier Hoareau for the 20th edition of the event); the opportunity to follow for many weeks the work and commitment of the organizing team.


18h30 Meeting for the release of the book

Cinema Le Regain (3 Chateau Road, 07 400 Le Teil)
The screening will then be followed by a meeting with the Debussy Quartet and author Michel Kneubühler, as part of the book’s release Les Cordes en ballade, L’Ardèche, a festival. . . meetings, just released by La passe du vent. Whether you are interested in the history of the Festival or more generally by the issues raised by the Cultural itinerant in rural areas, this book offers a nostalgic approach to the 20 years of construction of such an event, as well as a questioning of the impact and stakes of such a cultural project in today’s world.


20H Solidarity Concert for the benefit of the victims

Paul Avon Hall (Paul Avon Avenue, 07 400 Le part)
Solidarity concert for the benefit of the earthquake victims, with the Debussy Quartet and the Émilie Valantin Company.

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