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avec Quatuor Debussy, Raphaël Pommier (storyteller-winemaker)

Discover a unique evening where the vine and the music blend harmoniously. Behind each wine, there is a story to tell, a story of passion, creativity and terroir. You need to find the right note, sharpen your palate, but also your strings! Harmony of lands, melodies, adjustment of blends, orchestrations… Beyond the traditional concert, discover new symphonies through the symbiosis of grapes and notes.


For this, the Debussy String Quartet proposes an exceptional evening at the Departmental Archaeological Museum (MuséAl) in the company of Raphaël Pommier, winemaker of the Domaine Notre Dame de Cousignac. This unique and unexpected encounter has allowed them to concoct exceptional organic and natural wines, fruity and spicy, cradled by the waves of this internationally renowned quartet. Together, they signed five vintages of tasty melodies, remarkable thanks to their musical vinification: a record of the Debussy String Quartet was broadcasted each time in the fermentation tank for each of the wines of this vintage with the sweet name of Accord Tonique. This concert was thus imagined in the image of this magnificent Ardèche terroir whose aromas and flavors could have influenced the musical notes.


An evening inspired by these typical grape varieties of southern Ardèche and by the limitless imagination of globetrotters and dabblers, who combine their common passion with their overflowing creativity. To all lovers of good wines, this evening is made for you!


Concert followed by a tasting of the 5 Accord Tonique vintages (2018-2022)

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