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Tribute to the greatest cinema successes / Ciné-culte !

Creation 2020


avec Chœur d'enfants ou Maîtrise locale, Quatuor Debussy

— ROTA Nino
Love Theme From The Godfather
— LEGRAND Michel
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)
— Misirlou
Dick Dale (Pulp Fiction, 1962)
— BARRY John
James Bond Music - Medley for solo quartet

What if the 7th art could also be experienced in concert? By inviting a children’s choir, the Debussy String Quartet is once again taking up the challenge of a major new concert at the Radiant-Bellevue, this time with a selection of the best film soundtracks: from the feature films of the illustrious Walt Disney to those of the whimsical Tim Burton, via the greatest composers: Contempt, Schindler’s List, Pulp Fiction, Manhattan, Star Wars… and so many others… A succession of the most outstanding works of cinema, from its creation to today, like a dive into the heart of a popular and timeless universe… Close your eyes, and get ready to (re)discover these melodies as you’ve never heard them before!

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