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Debussy on Jazz!

Creation 2018

avec Vincent Peirani (accordion), Franck Tortiller (percussion), Jacky Terrasson (piano), Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven (piano), Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (bass)

Grape varieties for string quartet and percussion
Danza del vino (La puerta del vino by Debussy)
Noon, C major (after Debussy's Alternate Thirds)
— COLLARD-NEVEN Jean-Philippe
In the shadow of the Cathedral… (after La Cathédrale Engloutie by Claude Debussy) (2018)
Achille in Marciac (after the quartet opus 10 by Claude Debussy) (2016)
Around Maurice (after the quartet of Maurice Ravel) (2016)
Back to Bach, after the 2nd movement of the J-S concerto in F. Bach (2016)
— PEIRANI Vincent
"C" Influences (from Debussy's The Linen Girl)
Air Song
Untilded Suite

The Debussy String Quartet is known for taking up musical challenges. Debussy on Jazz! is a concert-event in which the four musicians invite Vincent Peirani and/or Franck Tortiller to join them on stage. Each of the artists comes to the performance with his own personal musical universe and sensibilities but also in a tribute to Claude Debussy. This is an evening to rediscover great works of the classic repertoire in a blend of the classical and jazz ideoms.

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